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organic tarragon
(Artemisia Dracunculus)

Tarragon is a perennial herb, native to Siberia and northern Asia. It's aroma is wonderful and elegant. Α favorite herb of the French that directly refers to a sauce of French cuisine (tartar, bernez), as well as the well-known mustard "Dijon". Tarragon or tarragon is grown for its leaves, which are marketed for fresh or dried consumption. The dried leaves of French or Russian tarragon are used in cooking, in salads, sauces and side dishes, giving a wonderful tasty and aromatic effect to meat, poultry and vegetables, "launching" every dish to the heights.

It is usually added at the end of cooking, so that it does not lose its aromas and does not become bitter after prolonged cooking.

Its dry drug is used for making drinks, offering our body its excellent properties, as it helps the dysfunctional digestive system by increasing appetite, removes toxins from the body (especially in places with high consumption of red meat), acts as a digestive and antispasmodic and improves health and mood with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions

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