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We challenge you to sweetly awaken your senses…
Vision - Touch – Smell - Hearing - Taste wake up successively after opening a package from the collection


Welcome to aromatic world of INONI.

Premium Organic Greek herbs

Organic mountain tea
Organic oregano
Organic sage

Few words…

Why should you choose INONI?

We hope to satisfy even the most demanding customer by asking ourselves the question

‘Why should I choose «ΙΝΟΝΙ Greek Organic Herbs»’? 

As consumers, we have strict criteria when selecting a product, especially a food product. Thus, as producers, we pay special attention to the quality, color, aroma and taste of our herbs and follow all the rules of Good Agricultural Practice.

We are closely monitoring and control all stages of cultivation and processing, from selecting planting varieties to packaging, offering a vertical agricultural production. We follow the organic farming principles for all of our products and use eco-friendly packages.

We collect our plants by hand and we transfer it directly to our specially modified rooms for drying.

We sort out and finally select with great care the dried plant material. The final chosen material is then sealed in air-tight environment in eco-packages, assuring the quality characteristics of our premium herbs.

However, even after achieving a premium final result that fulfills our expectations, we strive to maintain the level of our quality by using lean procedures.


Where & How you can find us...

Points of sale of INONI Greek Organic Herbs είναι:


+30 2310 328249


+30 6958 603303 & 6947


info [at]

Farm & Packaging Processing Unit

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